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Four years after the events in the Aethenaeum, peace has started to return to the Norman area at last. Two terms of conservative presidency has lead to civil unrest on behalf of minorities, especially of the supernatural persuasion. There are two main groups of werewolves here: a Fire-Touched pack of packs which has been ceded territory from E 60th all the way to the eastern boundary of the city. The Forsaken pack-of-packs has made many concessions to keep their Pure brothers mollified, for they have a philosophy which requires inclusiveness. This often brings them to struggle with other packs around Oklahoma, where in general the spirits tend to be xenophobic. Norman is one of the exceptions to the rule, and it causes some very strange alliances indeed. The Forsaken choose to cede territory when new werewolves arrive, and will allow them to live in peace and generally ignore attempts to claim new territory.

Together, the Fire-Touched and Forsaken in the area form a new sort of confederacy. They have a limited form of government that they collaborate on, and they try to understand each other. The totem spirits of the two groups are in a sort of harmony, and this worries outsiders. The fringes of the Norman territory are chaotic, and are struck by natural disaster whipped up by frantic spirits who can’t understand what’s going on, whipped up into action by werewolves who just want things to behave as they ought. The Pure and the Forsaken wish to eradicate this abominable union, but won’t work with each other or even other packs in order to do so. Thus, all the packs surrounding Norman are disjointed and can’t bring enough force to effectively fight. Any pack large enough to do something can’t cross the tumultuous territories around Moore, Noble, and OKC.

A new pair of Uratha have surfaced, and have been granted territory bordered by Flood, Porter, Gray, and Lindsey Street. This area is very old, and the spirits are very chaotic. In the past 50 years, the only times this territory has been touched is when a hunt has accidentally crossed into it. For a while, now, it’s been a haven for other supernaturals. It was used as a demilitarized zone when the Fire-Touched and Forsaken have needed to meet. Now is a time of prophecy. The World of Darkness is in danger, and it is a danger greater than any Uratha or any pack. Now is a time of heroes.


Player Characters

Victoria Banks

Non-Player Characters

Bobby Osbourne
Jack Wei
Silver Fang

Haunted Oklahoma

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