Haunted Oklahoma


A new kind of foe...

How much deception can you take
How many lies will you create
How much longer until you break
Your mind’s about to fall

And they’re breaking through
They’re breaking through
They’re breaking through
We are losing control

Invisible to all
The mind becomes a wall
All of history deleted with one stroke

— Muse, “Mk Ultra”

About a week after the events of Parlour Games, the pack is mostly recovered. James had other responsibilities this evening, but Victoria and Jollie were both available.

The action begins when a large spiritual disturbance is discovered on campus. The girls head to the clock tower in front of the library, to find that there are many people around, and it will be difficult to deal with the disturbance. They end up scaring some of the people off, but they end up having to Reach into the Gauntlet to deal with the spirits in relative privacy. They end up spooking the spirits, who flee.

Another disturbance is felt not much later, this time over at Sarkey’s. The pair find the Gauntlet somewhat thicker, and try to sniff out the area to see if they can detect something wrong with the Locus. While they are investigating, a police car rolls up and a pair of men in full SWAT regalia pop out, demanding they freeze and submit to arrest. Instead, they shift to Urshul form and run away. It becomes somewhat clear that someone is after them.

Now, on their way back to the Safe House, they are ambushed by a couple of monster hunting mortals. Victoria takes a surprise crossbow bolt to the back, while Jollie gets a surprise round against both of the attackers, laying them low in a single hit. Jollie confiscates a cellular phone, which will later be cloned and used to intercept communication.

Jack Wei calls the wolves over to Campus Corner, where he is being followed by another pair of hunters. Jollie is able to get campus security to haul them off, and from there they infiltrate a conspiracy theorist’s convention in the Union. In the car, they discover that they were caught on tape shifting to Urshul, and that the radio show this is reported on is live at the Union. So, they decide they should definitely pay them a visit.

At the convention, they meet a bunch of very unsavory types, one of whom seems to be involved with the hunters that they’ve been dealing with. Jollie uses her social graces to befriend him on Facebook and organize a meetup for the weekend. Victoria, meanwhile, is just learning the scents and absorbing whatever information she can. At the end of the night, Hector Guerrero agrees to drive the wolves up to Tulsa, through the Moore territories, which are very dangerous.


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