Haunted Oklahoma


There's a place where knowledge goes to die.

Gabriel, the leader of the Dead Valley Krewe, elaborated on the situation after the party had an opportunity to sleep for the night. The dead member was Susan, and she was found on the edge of town with no obvious cause of death. They had since destroyed the body, since they didn’t have any leads anyway. Mort and Carl, Gabriel continued, were to return shortly with a more complete map of the domain.

Mort and Carl, on their return, talked to the group for a short time about the local geography; in particular, they spoke of the Devil’s Fingers, a natural set of chasms that formed a border for Boomtown on one side. At the bottom, there are pools of liquid that appear similar to the liquids that make up the Dead Rivers – just like the Bone-Meal River they found the previous day. They reach the bottom of on chasm, and find a collection of Gregory’s things. The contents of his journal are worrying.

After some work, the group make a set of breathing apparatuses that allow them to travel the length of the Bone-Meal cavern, and they reach a further domain: the Athenaeum. They each sacrifice a unique piece of knowledge to enter the domain, and from there they search it for Gregory. Silver Fang gets lost for a time, but they regroup as they find Gregory, who is poring over books written in some unknown tongue. They confront him, and he acts very strangely. He is oddly frank in his answers, and even offers related information. He is the one who murdered Susan, and he admits that he is reading Atlantean history to find out how to create another cataclysm. He wishes to reunite the worlds.


  • Gabriel
  • Mort
  • Carl


JosephBozeman JosephBozeman

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