Haunted Oklahoma

Eurydice and Orpheus

Go ahead and lay the blame.

Having tracked the Lost Minister to his domain, the party was attacked almost immediately. The Minister had mastery over the cathedral, which was composed of his own body. As the fight wore on, and they damaged his main body, the cathedral itself began to collapse. They barely made it out with their lives. At Gregory’s behest, they continued their journey deeper into the Underworld, leading them to Dead Man’s Hand after crossing a river composed of bone dust and tasting of chocolate.

Once they were in town, the party headed first to the bazaar. They met a set of bizarre characters: among them, a VCR collector who traded some priceless book for one of his own devices. Hector, meanwhile, encountered a sex toy that pulsated with necromantic energy and battery power, alternatively. The party finally encountered Crazy Hassan’s Camel Sundries, which contained a camel that could produce a myriad of products, and a man named Crazy Hassan. Hassan tried to sell them many goods, but as it came to pass, he suddenly passed away, leaving the shop in possession of the party.

Amid these events, Gregory disappeared, running off to do his own thing. The party then relocated to Aces and Eights, the large tavern in the center of Boomtown. There, they met a krewe of Sin-Eaters who could no longer leave the domain. They were told that something was killing their members, and the krewe requested that the party assist them.


  • Uriah Long
  • The Lost Minister


JosephBozeman JosephBozeman

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