Haunted Oklahoma

The Black Gate, part 1

Fear is your only god.

Merge on tha networks, slangin’ nerve gas
Up jump tha boogie then bang, let ‘em hang
While tha paraniod try ta stuff tha void
Let’s capture this AM mayhem
Undressed, and blessed by tha Lord
Tha power pendulum swings by tha umbilical cord
Shock around tha clock, from noon ‘til noon
Men grabbin’ they mics, and stuff ‘em into tha womb
Terror’s tha product ya push
Well I’m a truth addict, oh shit I gotta headrush
Sheep tremble an here come tha votes
Thrown from tha throat, new cages an scapegoats
Undressed and blessed by tha Lord
Tha same devil that ran around Managua wit a sword
Check out tha new style that Ollie found
I tune in wit a bullet ta shut down tha devil sound
Shut down tha devil sound
Tha program of Vietnow
Shut down tha devil sound

- Rage Against the Machine, Vietnow

The scene opened on Hector eating in the Union, when suddenly people started falling unconscious. A panic broke out, and Silver Fang was drawn into the crisis. Between Hector and Jack (who showed up a short time later), a few score were brought out of the building. The paramedics who arrived also started falling ill… they ended up stealing an ambulance and carrying a number of people (including Silver Fang, who steadfastly refused to die) to the hospital. Once there, they discovered that a new Bound had formed in the back of the ambulance, and Hector and Dr. Fitzpatrick overheard some nurse whispering about a “Shining One”’s birth.

After meeting at the bar (with new fake IDs for Silver and Hector), discussing the events, and searching out some clues, they discovered a connection to an organization called the Glorious Church of the Unified Spirit. Before they could investigate further, Dr. Black calls them and needs their urgent attention. He found a YouTube video, depicting a member of the Church about to jump off a bridge into rush hour traffic.

Once on the scene, Jack recognized her as Marci Palmer, one of his old students. They try to talk her down, arguing that she has plenty to live for, that she can do more for her church alive, and so on. Her answer shocks them:

I’m not doing this for the church. I need to see Mateo and Father again.

After some fumbling about, Dr. Fitzpatrick tells her that they can talk to ghosts, and they can help her find them, and talk to them. She seems calmed by this. After carefully moving Marci to their vehicles, Dr. Black is able to remove her bomb jacket and move it away. Jack calls the police, who arrive to investigate. The police start to tamper with Marci’s bomb, which explodes, nearly killing Jack. Eufemia arrives, and demonstrates a healing ceremony for them. Marci is stunned. She follows them in silence to the vehicle, after which she finally asks, quietly:

You’re all Shining Ones, aren’t you?



JosephBozeman JosephBozeman

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