Haunted Oklahoma

The Ghost of Tom Jones

Hey, could you run an errand for me?

Cherie Wilding wanted a fetter, but Sigma Kappa was going on a retreat. Between Eufemia, Cherie, and Mitzi (and their respective interests), they recruit Dr. Fitzpatrick, Dr. Black, Hector, and Jack. Silver Fang tags along, just to see what they’re up to.

Cherie finally found Mr. Wei in his office. She confronts him about his geist, which he claimed to not notice or know about. She called him out on it, and he eventually agreed to help capture the ghost. The process was similar for Hector and Darius; Eufemia and Mitzi were honest and straightforward about the issue, and were able to recruit the two (with Silver Fang sneaking around) without much trouble. After arranging a meeting place, the group (The PCs plus Dr. Black) headed to the sub-basement to deal with the ghost. Immediately before arriving, someone finally explained the situation to Jack and Silver Fang, who asked of the exorcism procedure:

So we have to destroy the room?

So it was written, so it shall be. Or something. The goal was to actually perform an extended exorcism ceremony while holding the ghost at bay, but when the group excels at smooth talking and persuasion (as well as direct emotional control), things don’t play out like that.

Right off the bat, the ghost let out a fearsome shriek. It sent all but Darius fleeing back up the stairs, but the others rejoined shortly. Using its abilities to control emotion, it sent Darius into a rage, who then let off a shot with his revolver, blowing open the lockers. Silver Fang finally sacked up enough to come back in, and grabbed the toolbox from one of the open lockers. Around this time, Jack Wei tainted the room with a mood of mellow happiness, which calmed the ghost down enough for him to explain that they were in imminent danger. The boiler exploded, nearly killing Dr. Black, who was held together by threads of ectoplasm. After the escape, they booked it to Dr. Fitzpatrick’s house.

The group brought the toolbox to Dr. Fitzpatrick’s house, and Dr. Black started to set up the ceremony. Through a combination of subterfuge, persuasion, and socializing, they talked Tom (the ghost) into going along with the ceremony. As they told him, it would keep him in the world, but keep him from losing his mind. The ceremony took quite a while, (on a hilarious note, the police finally responded to the boiler room explosion around 15 minutes into the ceremony, nearly half an hour after they got the call), but eventually Tom was bound to his wrench.



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