Welcome to Haunted Oklahoma!

Hello again! After over a year in hiatus, I’m reopening this campaign for planning. I’ll be contacting each of you to make sure all of our paperwork still works, and that we’re up to date with the God-Machine Chronicle. I’m also making a contingency in case not everyone can attend. It’s a doozy.


Your characters were last played in the Underworld, meeting with a major story antagonist. Gregory Reynolds has just revealed his plan in true Bond-villain fashion, but due to your location you can’t exactly do anything about it. Violence is one thing prohibited in the Aetheneum.


Player Characters

Non-Player Characters

  • Mitzi Barnaby: The newest Founder of Sigma Kappa.
  • Andrew Black: A professor and mentor; a heart big enough for just about any cause.
  • Eufemia Chavez: A girl who grew up with Hector, and moved to Oklahoma for similar reasons.
  • Johnny White: An angsty art student. As if there’s any other kind.
  • Cherie Wilding: An Irish-American studying Journalism and Finance. Think Hunter S. Thompson.
  • Gregory Reynolds: A mysterious Sin-Eater with mysterious plans.
  • Marci Palmer: A human thrust into your world, without any of your advantages.

Haunted Oklahoma

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