Mr. Gustavus

The mysterious owner of the Ladybird Room.


Mental Attributes: Intelligence 3, Wits 4, Resolve 4
Physical Attributes: Strength 5, Dexterity 3, Stamina 6
Social Attributes: Presence 4, Manipulation 3, Composure 4

Mental Skills: Academics 1, Crafts (Skin-Curing, Leatherworking) 4, Investigation 2, Medicine 1, Occult (Azlu, the Shadow) 3, Politics 1
Physical Skills: Athletics (Web Movement) 3, Brawl (Grapple) 4, Larceny (Windows) 2, Stealth (Lurk) 4, Survival (Urban) 2
Social Skills: Empathy (Understanding Humans) 2, Expression (1), Intimidation (True Form) 4, Persuasion (Gentle) 2, Socialize (Making the Rounds) 3, Streetwise (Dangerous People) 2, Subterfuge (Playing Human) 3

Merits: Brawling Dodge, Fast Reflexes 2, Giant, Iron Stomach, Language: English, Resources 4, Strong Back, Toxin Resistance, Retainer 5+ (the Jacks)

Health: 8
Willpower: 8
Essence: 7
Initiative: 9
Defense: 3
Speed: 14
Supernatural Tolerance: 4

Virtue: Prudence. Waste not, want not.
Vice: Sloth. Things have been going fine for a while; why bother with every little detail?

Aspects: Eviscerating Bone-Scythes, Gauntlet Webs, Pedipalps, Retractable Chelicerae, Skin-Worker, Swarm Discorporation, Toxic Bite, Wall Climb


Type Damage Dice Pool
Punch 1(B) 8
Bite 2(L) 11
Body slam 3(B) 12
Bone scythe 3(L) 13
Grapple special 10

Armor: 2/2 (Chitin)

  • • Additional Limbs: Kusthuthun gains extra balance and grappling ability from its surfeit of limbs. The Azlu gains a +1 modifi er to all rolls involving arm strength (including brawling and lifting objects), and a +2 modifier to all rolls involving balance and running. These bonuses are lost if the excess limbs are removed.
  • • Eviscerating Bone-Scythes: Kusthuthun’s outsized limb can be used as a single gruesome attack. If the Azlu spends one Essence prior to making an attack, the damage infl icted by a successful hit that turn becomes aggravated. If the Azlu misses with this attack, the Essence is wasted.
  • • Pedipalps: In its natural form, the Leatherworker has two large pedipalps fl anking its mouth that can be used to fasten onto prey and draw them in. These pedipalps add a bonus of +1 to Bite and Grapple rolls when used. In addition, they can be used to inject a Toxicity 7 venom with a successful Bite attack; the Azlu has enough venom for three doses before it must rest and feed to generate more. The pedipalps cannot be used (either to modify attack rolls or as an attack on their own) without tearing the Azlu’s stolen human skin.
  • • Retractable Chelicerae: The interior of Kusthuthun’s mouth is a grinding collection of spider mouthparts, giving it a vicious bite attack. These chelicerae can fold back into the inside of the Azlu’s head, however, allowing him to speak English without distortion.
  • • Skin-Worker: Unlike most Azlu, Kusthuthun can use its silk and delicate “fingers” to mend a torn and discarded skin, allowing it to pose as a single human almost indefinitely. Its skill also keeps the skin perfectly preserved and immune to decay.

Mr. Gustavus is immense, yet his skin still seems to be too large for his tremendous bulk — his face, hands and scalp are criss-crossed with faint wrinkles that make him seem more weathered than aged. He smells faintly acidic, like old cosmetics with all the artificial scents removed. His white suit smells new, but is somewhat ill-fitting (Mr. G has clothes purchased for him rather than visiting a tailor). He doesn’t give the impression of smiling so much as the corners of his mouth hitching themselves upward. He speaks softly, in a voice that’s almost breathy where one might expect it to be deep.

When free of its often-repaired human skin, the Leatherworker is a gruesomely asymmetrical creature. Like all Azlu of its size and ability, its true form is something that could only fit inside a human skin with the aid of supernatural power. It moves about on five legs that barely hold its distended abdomen above the ground, and its bent cephalothorax sports four lesser arms (three on its left, one on its right) and one more massive arm, something like a fiddler crab. Each of its appendages ends in a jointed spearlike point, but it can unfold smaller chitinous “fingers” from each one to do fine work. Its mouth is a tangle of mismatched chelicerae and pedipalps, with two long glistening fangs. Its chitin is the color of yellowed ivory, which combined with its bloated bulk can give the impression of something more grublike than spidery from a distance. Ten bloody splotches adorn its abdomen in a pattern that matches the layout of its ten dark red eyes — a mirrored effect that is the only symmetry to be found on the Azlu’s form.

Mr. Gustavus

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